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February 22 2024

I did the ritual and it did not take us to the waystation. It took us to Verbononk. It didn’t kill us! SO that’s a win. Jerry was very upset and yelled at me! The guards immediately accosted us. I quickly got on the ground and showed deference. This is what I think will get me the time that I need to think. These people are innocent. They started to take all our stuff they took my components and my bag of holding. Autumn declares Sanctuary and the guards take us to the Temple of Lathandar. The whole way things are SO Loud the weak magics that they are using are very untargeted. While we are underway I spoke to Glaahad and Machior about how we are keeping discrete about our We arrived at the temple of Lathandar. Now this is a temple. Far better than the Temple of St Cuthbert. When we arrive Autumn greets the guy that’s there and he is very nice. He then goes and gets the Canon.

February 15, 2024

I spoke to the gang about

Marta came and talked to us about their strange family customs. Marta gave us the third of the teeth and asked me not to touch the tooth. I really hate how this woman talks to me but I guess that’s the price that I pay for my weakness with Frank my nemesis.

I spoke to Galahad about my weaknesses in not protecting the party from Scrying and other magical spells. Galahad was pretty upset. Elmo was spoken to by

Fezin came and talked to us about a ghost tree. When our need is greatest we will need to plant the ghost tree.

February 8, 2024

I was about to go to sleep with Galahad and leave Autumn to sleep along in the basement of the welcome wench. Autumn speaks to Galahad and I about staying in the basement so that she is not alone. We agree to stay there. I speak to Autumn about the nature of magic and how we are all built on the sholders of those that came before.

When I wake up I give Autumn my 5 sheets of paper at her request and go to the grove. When I arrive at the grove I speak to Brother Smyth about using his forge. I offer to get him lunch from the Welcome Wench but he turns me down. Jerry then after Brother Smyth turns his back expalins that I MUST get him a tasty meal from the wench. I was a bit confused why Brother Smyth didn’t take me up on my offer but I went along with it. I request that Jerry pick up some sheets of paper from the trading post.

While working in the forge with Brother smyth. I forge the hinges. They are IMACULATE. I then hear Honey and Jerry return and they offer to melt down the gloves and honey’s Wedding Band. I cannot belive that she is giving that up. Couldn’t she have just bought some silver somewhere else? I offered some encouragment about the spell component that we are creating but it was not recieved well at all. Jerry grabbed my face and growled at me. I’ll never underdstand why these people get so upset but I probably should have said something else I will need to talk to Autumn about this.

September 14, 2023

The gang reviews the corrosponence. During this time we discover that Autumn had broken Lareth’s connection to his god. We also discover that Galahad had been injured by frank.