| Jan 1, 0001


  • shadowbrand Medalions

  • Boulderton sign


  • logos for conventions

  • add links to items to items and effects.

  • danger den should have countdown and link to the schedule page.

  • add larube hall details

  • upload faction guide/fix gnoll glutton

  • all of branch - get files from beren. order mixam copies.

  • paragon guide - get files from beren. update constellations. Order mixam copy.


print and play games order NPC BOx PC box x15 surgery and gathering cards

deliver Ren allofbranch zine, Character sheets bookmark Sherri 2x boxed set contents beren boxed set matt boxed set date boxed set


  • Positive only response

  • What are the 3 main crafting skill put this in gathering description

  • add photos for staff

  • update surgery charts

  • crestfallen rulebook needs rulebook on the cover

  • specify that game is in southwestern pa

Character Usability Test

Rocket surgery made easy


Printed Rulebooks in stores