| Jan 1, 0001


‘You must obtain the artifact by whatever means necessary. The Motherling is recovering from her failure. It seems there are other forces at work who have intervened, as her memory of the events that lead to its disappearance is irretrievable. Its power will surface soon, it cannot be contained for long. The recent report from Shamus Zed may prove enlightening. Pursue his suggested path for the time being’


‘We draw near to locating the tomb. Those Who See foretell its destruction within the cycle of the waning blue moon. We must not allow Those Who Oppose Her Will to unlock its secrets before She has had Her fill. Send two full units to Ebon Handed to aid in the search before the night has passed.’


‘Yeenoghu grows weary. If she is to hold her domain, as she must, then she is to be placated. Do what you can. Extra patrols are authorized. She is not to be lost, Beautiful One. Her dominion must remain within our control. If she falls, not even you will escape Her Indomnible Wrath. We Of The Eye expect this minor annoyance, as you claim it to be, will be dealt with in totality before The Prowlers come to call.’


‘Must we remind you that Cyrene has the Blessing of We Of The Eye, Beautiful One? Do not test Our indulgence. Your amusement to Her Great Glorious Omniscience does not confer shielding from restitution to you. He must be made recompense for the loss of his beloved mate. Seek Desponia in the north, bring her to him. Lure her, snare her, bribe her, control her, or command her - We care not. Increase the fish carts in the mean time, he will expect no less than three full carts per week from this moment hence. And Lareth – do not disappoint Us again.’


‘Prepare for The Prowlers. Ready your hearts. The Great Eye descends. May Her belly fill with thunder.’


‘Brother Wormwood arrived safely with the package. You have pleased Her, Beautiful One. A token of Her gratitude is enclosed. His skills with the glass have not been exaggerated.’


‘Shamus Zed comes one week hence. Send payment to Polyphagia and Paucity for his term. Instruct that lunatic pair to have no contact with him. We tire of their fatuous brainless exploits. Their usefulness grows thin. Impart the message from The Seeing Eyes and do ensure they grasp its weight.’


‘Make ready for The Working. Cold breaks in the morn. May She feast upon the waters of the body of man.’


‘Concern rises, Beautiful One. Brother Wormwood’s report regarding the Holy Enemies has caught the ear of Those Who See. We Of The Eye would see them dispatched. Deal with them as you see fit, We waste no talents and ignore no potentials. But deal with them swiftly. Before They coalesce with the Ones Who Reigned Upon Her Will. They must not reach She Who is Closed. They must never hear her words. Do this, Lareth. We Of The Eye command it by right of flesh, writ of name, and deed of spirit.’