master boggs spellbook

| Jan 1, 0001

Master Boggs was a human who lived too long and was slain.

First Level Spells

  • Animate Dead Animals
  • Chill Touch
  • Danse Macabre
  • Friends
  • March
  • Metamorphose Liquids
  • Push
  • Ray Of Fatigue

Second Level Spells

Third Level Spells

1st Level


Casting time : 2rds

Range : 10 ft

Components : V, S, M

Animates the skeletons of dead vertebrates. Full skeleton must be present. Skeleton will obey simple commands. Remains until destroyed or turned. Skeletons have the stats of the animal if 1HD or less. If over 1HD, worsen AC by 2, damage by 2, and ½ movement. See chart volume 1 page 47 of wizard’s spell compendium if animating more than one skeleton for number that can be animated. Often the first experiments of a necromancer!


Casting time : 1

Duration : 3rds + 1rd per lvl

Saving throw : Negates

Components : V, S

Spell allows caster to drain life of enemy. Must touch creature. Must make a successful melee attack as if proficient (ie no non-proficiency penalty). If successful, creature gets a save. If the creature saves, spell does nothing. If save is failed, drain 1d4 HP + 1 pt str. The str returns at 1 pt per hour. Damage cannot be magically healed, HP must return naturally. If used against undead, they flee as opposed to being damaged.


Casting time : 1

Range : 10 yrds

Duration : 1rd/lvl

Components : V, S, M

Can animate a single corpse and control it as if a marionette. Corpse cannot attack or perform delicate or intricate tasks. Corpse must be no more than twice the caster’s mass. The corpse has 1d8 HP and 1HD, and AC of whatever it is wearing. Turn as a zombie. If animating the fallen comrade of an enemy in a group, the group must all make a morale check in order to continue. Often a necromancer’s first spell!


Casting time : 1

Duration : 1d4rds + 1rd/lvl

Area of Effect : 60’ radius

Save : special

Components : V, S, M

Gives caster temp 2d4 Cha boost. Those within the area of effect when cast make a reaction check with the new Cha. When the spell wears off, those effected realize the ruse 100% of the time, and DM’s decide how they react to this. Casters use this spell for things such as talking their way through a gate, getting a better price on a big purchase, talking a enemy out of attacking. Casters must paint their face with chalk + vermillion prior to casting, so most go away and come back to an encounter when possible when using this spell.


Casting time : 1

Range : Touch

Duration : 1/hr per lvl

Components : V, S, M

Allows the target(s) to carry their max press weight as if unencumbered. Will not cause fatigue. Target must be ‘on the march’ for the spell to work, it cannot be used outside of travel or similar. Can use used on more than one target at once, in this case the duration is divided evenly among all targets. Spell ends if the target ceases to ‘march’ or lifts more than their max press allows. Target must be able to carry the item(s) to begin with, so bulky or awkward items still cannot be easily carried.

Often used on beasts of burden!


Casting time : 1 Area of effect : 1 cubic foot/lvl Save : Special Components : V, S, M

Transforms a liquid into any other non-magical liquid. Caster must directly touch the liquid being transformed, not just the container. Does not work against living creatures, unless from elemental plane of water. Magical liquids can be transformed to non-magical liquids. Magical liquids get a +5 save vs disintegration. Creatures from the plane of water get a save vs sell, failure results in 1d4 dam/cater lvl. Only one creature can be effected and the caster must touch them. The spell requires the caster to place a drop of the liquid being transformed onto their tongue, and so transforming poisons is especially dangerous.

Often used to turn water into wine!


Casting time : 1

Range : 10yrd + 5yrds/2 lvls Save : Negates Components : V, S, M

Allows a caster to send a field of force emanating from their finger to push a target. The force of the push is not great - 1 foot-pound per lvl. A 1st lvl caster could move a 1 pound object 1 foot, for example. Creatures can only be effected if their mass multiplied by 50 does not exceed the spell limit (ie a 1st level caster could unbalance a 50lb creature).

If used against a creature, they get a save v spell to negate. Their save is reduced by 1/lvl of caster up to -10.

If used on an object held by an attacker, the attacker’s attack roll is reduced by 1/lvl of caster up to -10. Attacker still gets a save to negate, but failure wrenches the object from their grasp.

Often used to disrupt spell casting!


Casting time : 1 Range : 10yrd + 5yrds/lvl Duration : 1rd/lvl Save : negates Components : V, S

This ray emanates from the casters fingers. It can effect one creature. The ray saps the victim’s life force, causing them to feel profound fatigue. The effect is based on the fatigue of the target at DM discretion. The penalties can range from -1 - -4 to hit/damage and -1 - -4 to AC and reduction in movement from 15% - 75%, all depending on how fatigued the target is to begin with. A save negates entirely. Some consider use of this spell to be an evil act!


Casting time : 1 Range : 10yrds/lvl Area of Effect : 40 cubic feet Save : Special Components : V, S

Unholy water is unaffected by this spell. Spoils all holy water in any container within the area of effect, and is rendered useless in all relevant ways. Save on 10 or less. If used on a font, must be concentrated on only that font and caster must touch it. Font gets +1 - +5 to save based on material. If save fails, font is rendered useless until it is reconsecrated.


Casting time : 1 Range : 60 ft Duration : 2rds Save : Special Components : V, S, M

This spell creates a small chaotic, disjointed, shimmering area of magical energies that harrows a single target. It darts about them, striking and swirling and generally being a nuisance. Target saves v spell. If successful, target suffers -1 to at/dam rolls for the duration. If target fails, in addition to previous takes 1d4+4 dam per round, and cannot concentrate to cast any spell with a somatic component (arcane or divine). Spell always breaks a charge attack regardless of save. Most common use of this spell is to break a charge or interrupt casting. Material component is a small human hand carved of crystal or moonstone.

2nd Level


Casting time : 2rds Range : Touch

Save : None Components : V, S, M

This spell allows the caster to serve as a bridge between a donor and a recipient of blood. The caster magically passes blood from one, through themselves, to the other. The blood heals the recipient and damages the donor. The damage that can be healed is limited to 2HP + 1HP per lvl of the caster per day. Multiple donors can be used but the total healing cannot exceed that maximum. For each pt healed, the donor loses 1 pt. The donor must share a race with the recipient. The caster may serve as a donor. The healing only works for any damage sustained in conjunction with blood loss (so things like electrical shock, suffocation, or force bolts cannot be healed in this manner). The spell is extremely taxing for the caster. The caster loses 1 pt STR per 5 pts healed, and 1 pt CON per casting. These return at the rate of 1 pt per day. Blood can be extracted from an unwilling donor, but donor and recipient must both be immobile for the duration of the spell (2rds prior to effect) and thus cannot be used in combat. Component is two small gold needles which are consumed at casting.


Casting time : 1 Range : 30 yrds Duration : 1rd/lvl Area of effect : Creature orge size or smaller Save : ½ Components : V, S, M

Conjures a pair of ghostly spectral hands that appear around the throat of a target. Target must be humanoid, non-animal, and of Ogre side or smaller. Target cannot wrench free of hands. They continue to choke for the entire duration of the spell unless the caster is slain or falls unconscious. Choking causes 1d4 pts damage per round. Target saves each rd for ½ damage. Target makes all combat rolls with a penalty of 2 for duration of choking. Dispel magic can dispel, otherwise spell continues for spell duration. Component is a handkerchief tied in a knot.


Casting time : 1 Duration : 1rd/lvl Area of Effect : 1 object or 5ft cube Components : V, S, M

Spell enables caster to unerringly detect poison within area of effect (1 object or container, or a 5 foot cube, whichever is smaller). Caster has a 5% change per level to determine the exact nature of any poison detected. Component is powdered unicorn horn. Spell is a speciality of the Red Wizards of Thay!


Casting time : 2 Duration : 1rd/lvl Components : V, M

This spell emulates the natural ability of the displacer beast, making the caster appear to be about 2 feet away from where they actually are. All missile and melee attacks against caster automatically miss the first time from any given opponent. Opponent then suffers -2 to hit thereafter. The caster also gets a +2 to all saves applicable to them as an individual (thing must target only the caster themselves, not the area near them, them and others, etc). Component is a small loop of leather.


Casting time : 2 Range : 60 yrds Duration : Special Save : Negates Components : V, S

Allows the wizard to empathetically seize the mind and control the body of a single target creature. Creature of 7+ HD, undead, unintelligent, or under ‘protection from evil’ are unaffected. Target can save to negate. Target remains aware and conscious the whole time and cannot be compelled to do anything specifically against its nature or clearly self destructive (ie can be willed to flee but not fall on its own sword). Caster suffers 25% of any damage suffered by target due to empathetic link. Spell lasts for as long as target is in caster’s sight and caster concentrates (caster can move, talk, take basic actions, and cast basic cantrips, but cannot cast spells, attack, dodge etc). Note that target must be within rage for initial casting but can leave that area so long as it remains in sight of caster. Use of this spell against unwilling targets for anything less than defense of immediate threat is considered an evil act!


Casting time : 2 Range : 30yrds Duration : Special Area of Effect : 1 - 4 targets in a 20’ cube Save : Negates Components : V, S

Caster causes targets within area of effect to forget the previous round/one minute of time prior to casting. Caster can increase that time by one round/minute per every 3 lvls. Target forgets this time period entirely and permanently. Saves work as follows : one creature effected = -2 to save, two = -1 to save, three or four no modifier. A wish, limited wish, or heal spell can restore the memories. Cannot reverse the effects of spells such as friends or gias, but may make the victim forget key parts as per DM choice. Use of the spell on unwilling victims is considered an evil act in any but clear, un-complicated, life or death circumstance.


Casting time : 2 Range : 60 yrds Duration : 1rd/lvl Area of effect : 1 or more creatures in a 30’ cube Save : Negates Components : V, S, M

This insidious spell causes victims to perceive everything around them or in their thoughts to be hilariously funny. The victim cannot perceive anything to be anything other than the most hilariously funny thing that exists. This manifests with the victim being overcome by a fit of wracking, uncontrollable, rolling, sincere laughter. The first round the spell is cast the victim feels a slight tingling. On the following round, they begin to smile and giggle/chortle. This increases in intensity until they are laying on the ground laughing harder than they have ever in their lives. This incapacitation lasts only a single round, but the victim must spend the rest of the spell’s duration trying to regain composure (and failing), and also suffers a -2 to str per round for the duration of the spell. The caster can effect 1 creature for every 3 levels, all creatures must be in a 30’ cube. Save is modified by Int. Int of 5 -7 = -6, 8 - 12 - -4, 13 - 14 -2, 15+ no modifier. Material component is a feather and mini-tarts. Caster must flick tarts at victim/are consumed.

3rd Level :


Casting time : 3 Range : 20 yrds Duration : 6 hrs Area of Effect : Up to 10 creatures Components : V, S, M

Recipients of this spell feel no pain, heat, cold, fatigue, hunger, thirst, exhaustion, fear, hopelessness, and need not eat, drink, rest, or sleep for the duration. Spell does not negate damage of fatigue, heal wounds, etc but does negate effects of things such as wand of fear, drums of panic, or sleep spell, or similar as per DM discretion. Does not ‘refill’ priest spell slots. Recipients all get +1 to all saves for duration as well. Often used on troops in long battles, or in dungeons. Caster can use on their choice of any living creatures, up to 10 total.


Casting time : 3 Range : 60 yrds

Duration : 3rds + 1rd/lvl Area of effect : 40ft cube, 1 creature/lvl Components : V, S, M

Each creature within the area of effect is magically sped up. They function at double their movement rate and double their attacks per round, and get a -2 initiative bonus. No other actions are effected, including casting, item use, etc. Negates effects of slow spell. There is no save. Additionally any recipient of this spell must make a SS roll, and will be aged by one year due to the metabolic impact of the spell. Spell effects are not cumulative with any other similar magic be it item or spell. Clever casters have used this spell to kill short-lived opponents. Note : This spell is very different from the item ‘ring of haste’ in many ways, the item doubles all actions including casting, and allows user to always go first in an initiative round, and does not age the user.


Casting time : 3 Range : Touch Duration : 4hrs/lvl Area of effect : 1 object up to 2 cubic ft/lvl Save : Special Components : V, S, M

Shrinks object to 1/12th its size + turns its substance into something exactly identical to what it is but cloth-like at caster discretion (caster can choose this or to leave materials as is). Any object within the possession of anyone else is allowed a save v spell as per the item save table, unless held by someone. If held, the older saves v spell at their save value. Any non-magical item can be shrunk in this way, including things like a fire + its fuel, the air in a container, etc. Objects changed can be restored to normal by tossing them on any solid surface by anyone, or by a command word from the caster.


Casting time : 3 Range : 0 Duration : 1rd/lvl Components : V, S, M

Allows the caster to change the shape of another spell 1st - 5th level. A 3d area can only be changed into another 3d area ie a cube into a sphere. A 2d has to be changed to a 2d. Only basic shapes can be created (sphere, cube, pyramid, rectangular prism, square, circle, triangle, rectangle). The change has to exactly match the same area/volume/square footage of the original spell parameters, no more and no less. The caster must first cast Squaring The Circle, and then complete any other casting within the duration of this spell. Cannot be used to effect any casting other than the caster’s own. Component is a pendant with any fine quality gem set in the center in the shape of a perfect sphere.


Casting time : 1 full rd Duration : 3rds/lvl Components : V, S, M

Upon completion of casting a magical quarterstaff made of electrical energy appears in the caster’s hand. It inflicts damage as per a normal staff (1d6) but for every five levels the caster gets a +1 to hit and damage. Water based creatures take double damage. It counts as a magical weapon for any purposes. The staff emits light equivalent to the ‘light’ spell. The caster must cast for a full round without interruption. The caster must hold the staff themselves for the duration or the staff disappears, they cannot hand it off or release it. Component is a small oak rod cut by the caster’s own hand, that is consumed in the casting.


Casting time : 3 Range : 30 yrds Duration : 2rds + 1rd/lvl Components : V, S, M

Within the round following the casting, 2d4 skeletons or 3d4 animal skeletons (50% chance of each) appear, being conjured somewhere of the caster’s choosing within the spell’s range. The undead obey the caster’s wishes, doing whatever task is within their ability. They will attack any the caster directs them to. They vanish when slain or turned. The material component is a big of bone taken from a weight, ghoul, or zombie.

4th Level :


Casting time : 1 full rd Duration : 1hr/lvl Components : S, M

This spell makes an exact copy of any non-magical non-living inanimate object the caster touches. The object must fit inside a 20 foot cube. The item created is an exact duplicate in every way, but can be dispelled with a dispel magic spell. Caster must cast for a full round, uninterrupted. Permanency cannot effect the item conjured. The material component is a pinch of coal dust.


Casting time : 4 Range : 10ft + 10ft/lvl Duration : Permanent Components : V, S, M

The caster causes a written message up to 66 characters to become magically unreadable by anyone other than the caster, anyone mentioned by name and identifier in the message, and/or one other specifically named individual. The writing appears as a nondescript illegible scrawl to anyone else. The message does not call attention to itself in any way, but can be detected by a detect magic spell. Those mentioned in the message/casting must be able to read the language it is written in. Only True Seeing, and nothing else, will reveal the message, though a dispel magic can destroy it. If whatever the message is written on is destroyed, it is likewise destroyed, but it can be written anywhere that anything can be written by any means (a finger, foot, quill, stick, etc). The caster can encrypt any writing. Multiple uses of the spell can be cast in succession to encrypt longer messages. Material component is a pinch of dust.


Casting time : 4 Range : 10yrds/lvl Duration : 1rd + 1rd/lvl Area of Effect : 30 ft cube Save : Special Components : V, S, M

Can be cast in an area or at an individual target. When cast in an area, all within the area must save v spell. Those failing trip, slip, drop their weapon, drop items, etc. It takes a full round to recover after the failed save. Those making their save use the round it takes effect to recover, but need to save again if they exit and reenter the area. If targeting an individual, failure means the target is effected for the entire duration of the spell and is unable to act but to keep themselves upright and safe, saving means they are effected as per the 3rd level spell ‘slow’. The spell does not take effect until the round after it is cast. Material component is a bit of solidified milk fat that the caster must eat.


Casting time : 1 Duration : 1d6 + 4 rds Save : Special Components : S

This spell transforms each of the caster’s arms into writing, hissing serpents. They can strike at opponents within reach, have one att per round, and attack as monsters of a HD level = the caster’s level (ie fighter base thaco). The snakelike tentacles inflict 1d3 pts of damage and have a 3% chance per lvl of the caster of being poisonous to all humanoids. If venomous, anyone bitten saves v poison at a -3, if failed they go into a convulsing fit for as many rounds as per caster lvl. They take 2 pts damage per round of convulsions and is incapable of any action at all, including speech. The caster must have bare arms at casting, and anything worn about their hands or wrists drops to the ground. The appendages cannot be used as arms at all. The caster cannot cast any spells with a somatic component while their arms are snakes. The snake-arms cannot be compelled to attack the person they belong to, but a ‘charm serpent’ spell (no other) can pacify them. The tentacles remain for the duration of the spell, regardless of the caster’s desire, and cannot be dispelled. The snakes cannot talk in snake-tongue, and do not have thoughts or feelings.


Casting time : 1 Range : Touch Duration : Special (24hr max) Components : V, S,M

The effected creature is nearly impervious to physical damage. Their skin becomes a protective layer, stonelike in nature. Magical damage still damages them. The spell lasts for 1d4 + 1 att per every 2 levels of the caster. The limit counts whether the attack was magical or physical, though the attack would have to land to count (example : four blots from a magic missile count as four attacks in addition to causing their normal damage). If not ended by attacks, the spell lasts 24 hours. The components are granite and diamond dust sprinkled onto the recipient’s skin. Note : the skin visibly looks stone-like and is easily spotted by any who know of the spell.




5th Level :