Spungior's letter to Airrick

| Jan 1, 0001

My Dearest Friend of My Heart, Master Airrick

It is with great joy and great sorrow that I must now depart. My beloved wife Hulene is nearly ready to bring our fifth child into the world, and my eldest son Bigsby is ready to enter his schooling and live up to his namesake. I must now return home, triumphant and ready to sit upon the chair of the Dukedom, take the confirmation left to me by my dearly departed father, at long last. Thank you Master Airrick, for your aid and friendship. It has helped me to find the heart needed to step into this most important role. If ever you need of me, please come to call.

Sir Spungior Einglesdom, Fourth Duke of Hardywn of the BlackWood, County of Urnst