spells short

| Jan 1, 0001

1st Level


Casting time : 1rd Duration : Until destroyed by damage Range : Touch

Creates magical armor akin to scale mail. Reduces AC to 6. Has no effect on anyone wearing armor or creatures with an AC lower than 6. After 8pts + 1pt per lv. of caster is done, the spell dissipates. Material component is a bit of leather blessed by a priest.


Casting time : 1rd

Jet of flames shoot from fanned hands 5 feet long in a 120 degree arc. Anything within the arc takes 1d3 + lvl dam, and all flammable things catch fire. Save for half.


Casting time : Instant Range : Line of sight

A cantrip is a training spell. It can be cast at will, and an unlimited number of times. It can perform nearly any actions, as long as those actions do not have significant game effects. Some examples are cleaning, lighting a candle, making a gust of air, changing the color of one’s clothing.


Casting time : 1rd. Duration : 2d6 rds + 2rds/lvl

Allows caster to change their form into any other humanoid form within a foot of the caster’s height. Does not alter voice or mannerism. It is pure illusion, so if touched the caster’s form does not match the illusion.


Casting time : 1rd Duration : Special

Creates a magical orb that the caster can throw at a target. The caster can choose the effect of the orb. +3 to hit at less than 10yrds, +2 from 11 - 20. Target saves to negate. Material component is a diamond of 50GP value. See spell description for color chart re : damage and special effect. NOTE : the levels listed are NOT the casting levels, they are the class levels. IE at 7th level white - blue are all able to be cast.


Casting time : 1rd

Range : Touch Duration : 5rds/lvl Area of effect : 1 speaking creature or written text

Caster can understand the language of the creature or text touched. Cannot speak or write in it. Does not decipher magical script. NOTE : Can be reversed! Confuse Languages.


Casting time : 1rd Range : Line of sight Duration : As long as caster concentrates Area of effect : 1 map, book, tome, or spell

Perfectly copies any written material within the line of sight of the caster, including spells. For spells, it takes 1 hour per spell level of the material being copied. Must have appropriate material for it to be copied onto. Spell stops when caster stops concentrating, or breaks line of sight, though caster can do normal tasks such as eat and talk while spell is working.


Casting time : 1rd Duration : 2rds/lvl Area of effect : 10 x 60 foot path

Caster can see magical energies in a 10 foot wide x 60 foot long area. Caster can move and turn. Detects the strength of magical energies ie weak, strong. If an item is concealed by less than 1 yard of wood, 1 foot of stone, 1 inch of metal, caster senses its presence.


Casting time : 1rd Range : 5yrds/lvl Area of effect : 1 creature or object

Target creature or object no more than 10 cubic feet/lvl grows 10%/lvl. Weight and mass also grow, all equipment worn/held grows. If space cannot contain, grows to max possible. Dam bonuses increase as weapon dam + 10%/lvl (str bonuses do not increase). Example : caster enlarges a hanging chandelier, which cannot be held by the fixture, as its weight and mass increase, causing it to then fall on an enemy. Fighter grows 160%, as does his sword, which then does 1.6x more damage. Material component is powdered iron. NOTE : Can be reversed. Target shrinks 10%/lvl. Save negates.


Casting time : 1rd Range : 10yrds/lvl Duration : 1rd/lvl Area of effect : Special

Objects/creatures within a 10ft cube of weight up to 200lbs + 200lbs/lvl assume the mass of down. Must be cast on a single object/creature. Works only on free falling, propelled, or flying things. Is very effective when combined with ‘gust of wind’ or similar spell.


Casting time : Special Duration : 1rd/lvl Area of effect : 1 object/lvl

Takes 8 hours prep prior to casting. It cannot be interrupted, must be 8 continual uninterrupted hours. Caster must directly touch each item to be identified. Caster has 10% chance/lvl to learn one single attribute of the object(s). If failed, caster cannot retry until they gain a lvl. Cannot determine exact bonuses or charges, but can determine how ‘powerful’ it feels ie weak, strong. After spell is cast, caster loses 8 CON pts and must rest in bed for a full 24 hours. Material component is a 100GP pearl, which is consumed, per item. If a luckstone is powdered and used, caster can determine exact nature of objects including charges and all functions, and caster has 20% chance/lvl of success.


Casting time : 1rd Range : 60yrds + 10yrds/lvl Area of Effect : 1 - 5 targets in 10ft cube

Up to five magical bolts of energy unerringly hit target creature(s). Must have line of sight. Each bolt does 1d4+1 dam. One bolt per every 2 lvls, up to 5 bolts. No save.


Casting time : 1rd Range : Touch Duration : 2rds/lvl

Creates magical barrier around single creature. All evil creatures are at -2 to attack, and recipient is at +2 to saves. Evil creatures and extraplanar creatures cannot touch recipient. Prevents possession entirely. Requires caster to draw a circle with powdered silver around recipient. NOTE : Can be reversed! Protection from good.


Casting time : 1rd Duration : 2rds/lvl

All wizards must know this spell. Allows caster to read magical writing, which is unintelligible otherwise (aside from their own writing). Material is a crystal prism which is not consumed.


Casting time : 1rd Duration : 1hr + 1turn/lvl Area of effect : 30ft radius

Creates invisible force that obey’s caster’s will. Can open, fetch, carry up to 20lbs, push/pull up to 40lbs. Cannot fight, has no reason. Obeys unerringly. Can do simple tasks ie sew, clean. Can be used to fetch things out of reach ie specific item from bottom of a pool. Dispels when 6pts of damage are inflicted.



Casting time : 2rds Range : 60yrds Duration : Permanent Area of Effect : 60ft radius Save : Special

Creates light as bright as full daylight. Can be cast onto object, creature, in the air. If cast on the visual organs of target, is blinded thus reducing attack, AC, and saves by 4. If target saves, spell anchors 1 foot behind target. Can be used on an object placed into a light-blocking container and used as a ‘flashlight’.


Casting time : 1rd Duration : 1trn Area of Effect : 1 corpse

Enables caster to visualize final minutes of creature who died in the last 24 hours. Must touch corpse. Caster goes into trance. Sees last 10 minutes of life, from the perspective of the dead creature. Consumes broken piece of mirror as component.


Casting time : 2rds Duration : 1rd/lvl Area of Effect : 5yrds/lvl

Allows caster to ‘read’ surface level thoughts of all creatures in range. Can ‘read’ 1 creature/rd. No save unless using as interrogation. If interrogating, save v. spell and apply wis bonuses. Is blocked by 2ft rock, 2in metal, 1/4in lead. Can be used to read creatures in areas caster cannot see. Consumes 1 copper piece in casting.


Casting time : 2rds Range : Touch Duration : Special Save : Special

Renders one target invisible. Can still be heard, but can only be seen by magical means. Creatures with 13+ int & 10+ HD/lvl save v. spell to detect invisible creatures automatically. Anything on the person of the target is invisible, as is anything they pick up. Things dropped become visible. Spell lasts until one of the following happens : caster dismisses, it is dispelled, 24 hours pass, the target attacks.


Casting time : 1rd Duration : Special Area of Effect : 10 sq ft/lvl

Opens locked, stuck, held, barred, or wizard locked things. Loosens welds and shackles. Does not raise bars. Does not effect rope/vines. Opens secret doors. Caster must know of the thing they are trying to open, does not reveal secret doors. If target is wizard locked, the wizard lock is suspended for 1trn. Opens only 2 means per spell, if more than 2 means are preventing opening it requires more than one casting. NOTE : Can be reversed! Lock.


Casting time : 2rds Range : 30yrds + 10yrds/lvl Area of Effect : 3ft radius

Sound attack, caster sings a clear note. Can effect all objects within a 3ft radius up to 1lb/lvl, or a single object up to 10lbs.lvl. Objects effected must be made of glass, porcelain, clay, crystal, etc. Only crystalline entities save; for them save v. spell to negate.


Casting time : 2rds Range : 5yrd/lvl Duration : 2trn/lvl

Creates layers of strong, sticky webbing. Must be anchored to at least two diametrically opposed points. Webs must be at least 10ft thick, and covers a max of eight 10 x 10 x 10 cubes. Anything in the web save v spell w/-2 or be stuck. Successful save means either creature escaped or webs are ½ str. Creatures w/str 13 or greater can break free 1ft/rd. Str above 18 2ft/rd. All things doubled/halved if web is ½ str. Highly flammable, fire dissipates entire web in 1rd. Creatures inside flaming web take 2d4 dam.



Casting time : 3rds Range : 120yrds Area of Effect : 30ft cube or 1 object

Chance to dispel magic. See chart in spell description for item saves. 50% base chance to dispel on a d20. For each lv difference between caster and enchanter/opponent add/subtract 1 on the die. Destroys potions (save @12th lv). Renders other items inoperable for 1d4rds. Highly effective on magical charm and the like.


Casting time : 1rd Range : 60yrds Duration : 1d4rds + 1rd/lvl Area of Effect : 1d3 undead Save : Negates

Renders 1d3 undead immobile. Creatures w/less than 3 HD are automatically held, all others save v spell to negate.. Effects up to 3 undead with total HD less than or equal to caster’s HD. Effects closest 3 undead to caster first.


Casting time : 2rds Range : 30yrds Duration : 1hr + 1hr/lvl Area of Effect : 1 creature Save : Negates.

Caster makes a reasonable, short suggestion to a creature. Must be able to understand caster. Clever tricks are ok (ie that is a cup of wine, not poison, it would feel so good to drink it), but anything unreasonable (take a nap in battle, stab yourself, jump off a cliff) negates. VERY reasonable suggestions grant negatives to save (ie someone is very tired, why not take a nap?).