| Jan 1, 0001

Group Equipment


🪙 854 GP


20 Sheets of paper

Spell Components

  • all first level spells.

  • Spell components for 3 Months – Expires August 6’th–

  • Common spell ingredients you are assumed to have.

    • You are assumed to be taking the time to gather them as well.
    • If the spell component is more than a few gold pieces and consumed you will need to replenish it.

Camping Supplies

  • ⛺tent
  • bedroll
  • utility knife
  • 🪢 50 feet of rope
  • tinderbox

🗺️ Maps of the whole world roll(roll % to see if you have it )

🥸Trunk filled with disguises

💎 Gem cutting equipment


Watertight scrollcase (made of bone can hold 5 normal sized scrolls)

🪢 50' silk rope


Fresh change of clothing



🪔 Small hooded lantern with a vial of lamp oil

New bedroll, wineskin, belt pouch, bootlaces

Sewing needle + flax thread

Books and Papers

/toee/mystra_symbol.png Mystra Prayer

Apology Notes


A Guide to Homlet

⚔️A Day to Remember

🐾Diets of Gnolls

🍄Correspondence of Lareth

🍄Mushroom Cult Book

📕 Red Spellbook

📘 Blue Spellbook

📗 Master Boggs Spellbook

Magic Items

Robes +2

Kind of lame looking….

Bag of Holding(Modified)

Can carry up to 500 pounds of equipment. Nothing living can go inside it including food/plants/rations additionally nothing with sharp points or explosive can enter. Nothing weird or magic happens it just doesn’t go in.

Small Wooden Bowl

2x per day when the appropriate phrase “Lets Eat” is spoken will produce and nutritious and adequate meal.

Boots of Featherfall

When the wearer falls greater than 30 feet, the boots activate as per the feather fall spell. They do not activate for distances shorter than 30 feet, and do not activate if a character jumps or otherwise deliberately ‘falls’.

Stone of Force

When activated, casts Wall of Force as per spell as cast 12th lv wizard. Stone turns to dust after use.

Wand of Paralysis

🔲 charge remaining

With an activation word, will cause paralysis per spell in one target. Target save vs spell to negate. Creatures normally immune to this spell are not.

Scroll of Detect Scrying

(Can be read from scroll, or copied into spellbook.) Per Spell

Scroll of Drawmij’s Instant Exit

(Can be read from scroll or copied into spellbook.) Per Spell

Scroll of Protection from Tanar’ai

(Can only be read from scroll.) Per Spell.

scroll of protection from traps.

Scroll of Flame Magic

(cannot be copied into spellbook) When read, this scroll casts a fire-based spell at random of the highest spell level of the caster reading it. DM should choose the specific spell at random.

Scroll of Illumination

Useable by both wizards and priests (and thieves/bards once they gain the ability). When this scroll is set aflame, it burns with a clear bright light for up to 8 hours per every 24. It does not emit heat, but can be used to light small things such as candles, small torches, kindling, and similar. It cannot be used to inflict damage. Nothing other than a command word will extinguish the flame until it reaches the 8 hour limit. The scroll is unharmed by the flame it produces. The light from the magical fire can illuminate a 90 foot radius as if in torchlight.

Scroll of Seeing

(cannot be copied into spellbook) This scroll is blank. When held and commanded to write, it will draw, with perfect accuracy, any creature within line of sight of the caster. Up to four different creatures can be drawn per use. It can be used once every 24 hours.

Scroll of Fly

(Can be copied into spellbook). Per Spell - confirm copied to spellbook.

Scroll of Confer Water Breathing

Can NOT be copied into spellbook. Per Spell